Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New years resoultions

Wow, I havent posted in quite some time now. That has got to change! Tomorrow is 2009, I cannot believe it! 2008 has gone by so quickly, it seems like it was 2007 a few days ago..But, here we are celebrating yet another new years!

There are so many things that I want to change for the new year, but I dont want to get overwhelemed by wanting to do so many things. But, I am going to create a new years resolution list with EVERYTHING I want to change. Books and websites tell you not to come up with too many things, but hey, I am me and I will do what I want:)

1. Eat Better (fast food only once and awhile, and three meals a day!)
2. Exercise at least once a day
3. Pay more attention to my animals
4. Save money, and not spend money foolishly
6. Make More Friends
7. Keep animals up to date with shots and keep them healthy
8. write it my blog and journal more
9. Start to sew and make creative things!
10. will come up with more I am sure!

I havent posted since like my first week of school. Guess what?! That Math class I was talking about, I got a freaking B in it! Isn't that great?! I was so happy and proud of myself. I got an A in Journalism, and A in English, and a B in Mass Communications.

I did a great job, and I am very happy. Him and I though, thats another story. We are still in a rough patch and not doing so well.