Monday, October 26, 2009


Wow, so I had an amazing weekend with my man. Some bad stuff happened last week, and we really had a breakthrough this weekend. I think we are really going to make it.

We looked at engagement rings on Saturday! I had never done that before with ANYONE. I had a blast, and I found the ring that I would absolutely die for. I have such a good feeling about us.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. But I am the worst thigng that has ever happened to him, he deserves so much better.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The no longer best friend

Well, I havent posted in quite some time, so this will be a long one!

Lets see, for starters, the ONLY best friend I thought I had, isn't my best friend anymore at all. She has BOD too, which I thought was a kind of good thing bc we coudl really relate, but actually, it is horrible. She has been canceling on me every single time we plan to meet up. I ten to cancel ALOT, but NEVER this much, and NEVER to her.) So this past weekend, she was supposed to come over on Friday. It was 330, the time she was supposed ot be over, and I texted her, asking if she was coming over. I didn't get a response until 430, and she said she wasnt able to show up. I got very upset, and I didn't disrespect her or anything, but I just said how I have BPD too, and that it hurts me to be abandoned by her all of the time. She completely flipped out and took it all personal and insulted me, disrespected me..etc. We exchanged texts for a few hours, but I had had enough of it, because I want going to jsut sit there and let her insult me. So I stopped responding, which made her more upset. Then, she said we werent going to be friends anymore because I was "ignoring" her. I didnt really have a problem with that because she was blowing this way out of proportion.

A few hours went by, I went to dinner with my boyfriend, and I came home and got a message from her on MSN. She was flipping out because my sister had sent her a message just saying "Hey, you really didnt have to hurt my sister like that, you really upset her" type of thing, nothing confrontational at all. She took it way too far after that. Saying I am only @ a community college and not a real school, that my boyfirned shouldve left me a long time ago..etc. So I had enough and said some choice words back to her..but she then said she was going to come to my hosue and KILL me! I had to call the police, I was very scared especially since she is so unstable. We just filed a complaint, and she never called again.

It just really hurts me that people do this to me. They manipulate things and make them seem like my fauly. All I did was say it hurts me that she cancels. I did nothing wrong, yet I get htis kind of reaction? Not fair @ all. So, not I am down one friend, which is jsut great because I dont have that many to begin with.