Friday, May 15, 2009

The Agony of waiting for a response

Okay, so I went to my interview yesterday afternoon. The manager was pretty nice, the interview lasted only ten minutes but he seemed to be in a hurry. He said he would let me know in 48 hours if they hire me or not! I had a dream last night.. (its coming back to me now) that I got the job I think! I really hope that is true. I still have anxiety and stuff but I think I am much better. I haven't worked in like 6 months and I think I have gotten much much better since I haven't worked in awhile. I really really want a job. That sounds kind of odd coming out of me, but I really want the responsibility. I can handle it now, I really really can.

On another note.. My hockey team won their game 7 last night (Detroit Red Wings) it was awesome! Two of my friends came over, and we had a lot of fun. They are from Detroit and they are two of my really really good friends. Its nice to watch the games with them.

School is going well. I am only taking one class over the summer (math) and I seem to be up to speed on it and not lost yet. I am trying my best to get a B in this class..But one thing that annoys me. There is this girl who sits behind me and before I finish working the problem we are supposed to be working on, she blurts out the fucking answer! Its sooo annoying. Sometimes she isn't even right! I want to say something to her..or I might just sit somewhere else..

Well, I am going to apply online to some more jobs. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem than you.