Thursday, May 21, 2009

The awesome boyfriend

I got a new computer today! It an HP mini. It is awesome! Its soo tiny and compact and it can fit in my purse:) My boyfriend new I really really wanted it. So he got it for me and it came in the mail today! I love him soo much, I really appreciate everything he does for me. We have really been getting along recently. Our sex like is back, and things are going great.

I am going to visit my grandma (my dads mom) in Tennessee, my sister and my brother and law are going to.. my bf cant go :( He cant miss work though..but maybe itll be good for us to have a few days to ourselves.

Tonight, just watchin hockey of course and I am going to do a practice test for my first test in math. It is wednesday, but I am taking it early since I will be at my grandmas place. I took the quiz a few days ago and it was pretty easy! So maybe I can get an A in this class!

So, things are going well and I hope it stays that way for awhile. Till next time..